McDonalds to Offer All-Day Faspa


Thanks to pressure from many of their loyal Mennonite customers, the world’s largest fast food chain is experimenting with all-day faspa in a half dozen Western Canada stores.

“We’ve been listening to customers in Steinbach, Winkler, and North Kildonan. They’ve been demanding all-day faspa for years,” says McDonalds spokesperson Alissa Larson. “We’re rolling it out in six stores for now. If it’s successful we’ll expand all-day faspa nationwide.”

At the six restaurants, customers will now be able to order pickles and cheese with raisin buns the moment the store opens, rather than only between the hours of 3 and 5 on a Sunday.

“I’m super excited to be able to get a good McDonalds faspa whenever I want it,” said George Kroeker of North Kildonan. “Sometimes I’m there at 8 am and all I want is a good slice of rolled up ham or a handful of Bothwell cheese curds, but, no, for whatever reason I had to wait until sometime in the afternoon. I’m sure glad they’ve changed their policy.”

So far all-day faspa has also been popular with the late-nite bar-hopping crowd.

“Once the bars close up at 2 am, all the Mennonite drinkers stop by for a nice warm schnetke,” said Larson. “We’re really glad to finally be able to offer faspa wherever and whenever the people want it.”

(photo credit: by JeepersMedia/CC)

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