Manitoba Man Takes His Mexican Cousin to ‘Authentic Hole-in-the-Wall’


Unlike their counterparts in the United States and Canada, the Mennonites of Mexico don’t get what the big deal is about fast food Americanized tacos. Waldemar Krahn, for example, came up to Manitoba to visit relatives over the holidays, and was taken by enthusiastic Canadian cousins to “this great authentic Mexican hole-in-the wall I know about.”

“They said I was going to love it. That it would be just like being back home,” recalled Krahn. “I must say I was a little disappointed, though. Cheddar cheese? Hard shells? Oh, come on yet!”

While North American Mennonites love to wolf down a basket of Mexi-fries and a Doctor Pepper, their relatives in Mexico gasp in horror at the sight of such feeble imitations of Mexican food.

“You call this hot sauce?” said Krahn. “In the Bustillos Valley, this wouldn’t even qualify as mild.”

Krahn noted that back home good Mexican food is cooked in the open air on a plow disc, not in a strip mall beside a dollar store.

“Since this so-called Mexican food isn’t cutting it, I guess I’ll just go with some KFC,” said Krahn…who soon regretted that decision as well.

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