Man with Snowblower Finds Renewed Sense of Purpose and Meaning


Local man Abe Broesky, 53, recently experienced a renewed sense of spiritual purpose in his life all due to the fact he happens to own a snowblower.

“Sometimes I think to myself, ‘Abe, what are you here for?'” pondered Abe with a tear in his eye. “‘Am I just a meaningless dot drifting through existence?’ And then I think of my snowblower and a powerful sense of calm overtakes me.”

The last few winters, Abe had been searching for meaning and purpose, devoting his time to reading classic devotional literature by Thomas Merton and Simone Weil.

“But nothing brought me the profound sense of joy as when I powered up that snowblower and made my rounds in the neighbourhood,” said Broesky. “I try to get up early and clear driveways before they wake up. Sometimes they offer to pay me, but that would steal my spiritual reward so I politely turn it down. I’ve taken a vow of poverty when it comes to snowblowing income.”

Abe plans to spend the summer penning a new spiritual self-help guide called The Snowblower-Driven Life. 

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