Winnipeg Launches New Program to Care for Feral Mennonites


Area woman, Lois Wiebe, has been caring for Mennonites her whole life. Wiebe, 37, has more than fifteen Mennonites in her house and the number keeps growing since she’s taken in a few feral Mennonites.

“The Mennonites just keep showing up asking for Golden Syrup and zoat,” said Wiebe. “And, yes, they can be a bit standoffish, and it’s true that they walk around like they own the place, but I guess I’m just a Mennonite Lady, you know?”

Wiebe says she spends upwards of 10 hours a day watching and posting Mennonite videos. While some people prefer the companionship of a Lutherans, Wiebe says it’s never been her thing.

“A Lutheran will love you unconditionally and wait for you at the door when you come home,” explains Wiebe. “But they’re also a lot higher maintenance than a Mennonite. I’ve never had a Mennonite demand I take them for a walk.”

A new Winnipeg bylaw will allow Wiebe to house feral Mennonites in her home.

“There are just some Mennonites who are a little wild, you know?” said Wiebe. “Maybe they’ve started going to the Pentecostal service or something.”

The public has been asked to drop off their feral Mennonite friends at Mrs. Wiebe’s house just behind Leopold’s Tavern on Henderson Highway.

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