Man Wearing North Face Jacket Forced to Walk Backwards Everywhere


Area man Garth Bergen, 41, has discovered that ever since he bought that North Face jacket this fall, he can’t help himself but walk backwards everywhere.

“I don’t know what it is,” said Bergen. “I put on the jacket, pop up my hood, and for some reason, I’m walking around backwards. It’s more than a little inconvenient, I must say.”

The North Face company places their logo on the back of clothes, rather than the front, which has created quite the confusion for Bergen and others in his position.

“Next thing you know they’ll put a zipper in the back of my jeans,” said Bergen. “I guess that would be useful on those long hunting trips, but really I prefer it the other way around.”

Bergen says it will take him quite some time to get used to walking around backwards, but says it’s worth it to look cool and be hip with all the young Anabaptists in the area.

“They always says us Mennonites are a little backwards,” said Bergen. “And when we’re wearing North Face jackets, there’s absolutely no doubt about it.”

(photo credit: Marco Bellucci/CC) 

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