Local Birds Blissfully Unaware of Global Pandemic


More than a dozen robins and two crows congregated on Mrs. Loewen’s yard this week, seemingly blissfully unaware that anything unusual was going on.

“I mean I guess Mrs. Loewen’s lawn looks a bit unkempt, but otherwise things are pretty normal,” said a local Blue Jay. “I’ve got my nest made already so it’s all good as far as I’m concerned.”

Birds could be heard singing and seen flying around the neighbourhood going about their regular springtime business.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do,” said a local sparrow. “I don’t know what’s with those skittish humans.”

Dozens of birds in the area neither sowed, nor reaped, nor gather into barns and yet the Lord took perfect care of them.

“Yeah, man, those humans down there need to chill a little,” said a local fowl of the air. “Look at us. We’re fine!”

The only bird in town that seemed the least bit anxious was a cranky magpie who kept swooping down and attacking anyone who came near.

“Never mind her. She’s always like that,” said one of the crows. “With rare exception, most of us are doing pretty well, and there are plenty of worms for everyone!”

The local Mennonite church was so impressed with the birds that Pastor Dan told everyone they should skip Sunday’s online service and just listen to the birds instead.

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