Area Man Manages to Keep Windshield Clean for a Record Five Minutes


Local man Olaf Einarrson, 47, of Gimli, managed to keep the windshield of his Honda Odyssey relatively clean for almost a full five minutes this morning. Although not officially confirmed, many are saying this is a record for the Manitoba melting season.

“Maintaining visibility through a windshield for five minutes is next to impossible this time of year,” said Einarrson. “But I’ve got a trunk full of washer fluid and a determination to set the record!”

Einarsson did have to pull over every hundred feet or so, but says it was well worth it to get to work safely.

“I went through fifteen containers of washer fluid on the way to work this morning,” said Einarrson. “My wife went through seven bottles of her own…and she walks.”

In March as the snow melts, all Manitoba vehicles accumulate a thick impenetrable layer of road grime, which reduces visibility and makes even the most aesthetically appealing of cars look completely ugly.

“Once I ran out of fluid, I pulled over, scooped up some snow, and managed to clear away a small section on the windshield just large enough for me to peer through,” said Einarrson. “Thankfully I made it to work without incident.”

Although the month of March can be a nuisance to local drivers, it is a boon for young hooligans who like writing inappropriate messages on the hoods of dirty cars.

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