Last Chance to Work on Your Farmer’s Tan this Weekend


Mennonites across the Canadian Prairies will be taken advantage of the long weekend to work on their farmer’s tans this weekend. It’s the last chance they have to do so until the cold autumn months kick in.

“I’m working on a dark red line just below my collar bone,” said Mr. Toews. “Oh, and you should see the markings on my ¬†upper arms. They’re like tattoos by now!”

Mrs. Toews says she mostly tries to avoid the Sun, but admits she does find a good farmer tan quite attractive.

“Oba, whenever my Kjnels walks into the house and takes his shirt off I nearly faint,” said Mrs. Toews. “I immediately send the kids to watch VHS tapes in the basement. Time for a meddachschlop!”

Mr. Toews is hoping his farmer’s tan is dark enough that it’ll last through the winter.

“I’ve gotta keep those meddachschlops coming,” said Mr. Toews. “I don’t want a repeat of last year where I had to go to the tanning booth in the city and lie there with a t-shirt on for an hour. That gets expensive!”

(photo credit: Phil Kates/CC)

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