Jantsied Man in Denial that He’s from Jantsied


Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Mr. Friesen of jantsied is utterly convinced that he’s from ditsied.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with that man,” said Mr. Wiebe standing firmly in ditsied. “Doesn’t he know anything about geography? It’s pretty darn clear to me that he’s on the other side of river and I’m the one who’s on this side of the river.”

Try as he might Mr. Friesen cannot convince any of his friends on the other side that he, in fact, is the one who’s on this side.

“Look, I’m standing right here on this side,” said silly Mr. Friesen. “Look at my feet. Look at my hands. You can clearly see it for yourself. What more convincing do you need?”

For some reason, Mr. Friesen is convinced that he is where he is and that other people are where they are, but this logic did not fly with some of his friends.

Oba, that man,” said Mr. Wiebe. “I am where I am and he is where he is, but that doesn’t mean that where he is is where I am or where I am is where he is.”

Utterly confused by the whole situation, Mr. Friesen said he was done with the conversation and would instead try his luck at figuring out the meaning behind ‘I am the Walrus’.

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