One Million Manitobans Trapped in their Driveways Due to Obstructed Views


More than a million Manitobans have been trapped at the edge of their driveways this winter unable to see clearly enough beyond the huge mounds of piled up snow.

“I’ve been nosing my car forward a few millimetres a day ever since the middle of December,” said Portage man Dick Smythe. “But I still can’t really get a clear view…so I’m stuck.”

Mrs. Wiebe of Altona, who’s been parking on the street since October to avoid this catastrophe, says she can’t believe all the cars still idling on the edge of their driveways.

“No wants to move,” said Mrs. Wiebe. “I mean, if it was me, I’d get cabin fever sitting there for four months, but, hey, to each his own…”

Mr. Smythe says he once got his wife Doris to stand in the middle of street and look out for traffic so they could get to church.

“That was Christmas Day,” said Smythe. “We haven’t left the property since.”

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