New Steinbach Craft Brewer Forced By Law to Make Root Beer


As increasing numbers of people around the world abandon the flavourless swill produced by the large brewing companies, closet Mennonite drinkers, too, have been embracing smaller locally made craft beer. Steinbach, Manitoba, for instance, is set to open the first Mennonite craft brewery in the country.

“There’s a catch, though,” explains MennoBrew founder Mark William Fehr, “the local law requires us to make root beer only. No alcohol allowed.”

Fehr is undeterred, however, and explains that Steinbachers can spice things up by mixing in rye or brandy on their own.

“We’re also thinking of making a root beer float,” says Fehr. “I guarantee it’ll be the hoppiest root beer float you’ve ever had!”

MennoBrew is also experimenting with adding yerba mate and star anise to the beer.

“Basically, anything that can go into Oma’s jreen schaubel sup can go into an IPA,” said Fehr. “We’re hoping to be the next Sierra Nevada or Lagunitas, but of non-alcoholic root beer inspired by Mennonite Treasury soup recipes.”

(Photo credit: by stu_spivack/CC)

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