Confused Hollywood Star Candice Bergen Shows Up at House of Commons in Ottawa


Hollywood actress Candice Bergen was very excited when she heard that she had received 77% of the vote in the Canadian riding of Portage-Lisgar during the recent federal election.

“Wow, thanks, folks! I haven’t even been to Altona, but the people up there must watch a lot of Murphy Brown,” said Bergen from her Beverly Hills mansion. “I don’t know much about Canadian politics, but I’m more than happy to go to Ottawa and keep that Trudeau fellow accountable.”

Bergen, who took a first class flight to the Canadian capital, said she was done with acting and was ready to get to work representing the good people of Portage-Lisgar. Unfortunately for Bergen, the mix-up was soon discovered by party leader Andrew Scheer.

“I hate to tell you this, put our party doesn’t take too kindly to Hollywood elites,” said Andrew Scheer. “Besides, our current Prime Minister is a little too dramatic as it is.”

The real Member of Parliament for Portage-Lisgar soon showed up to find the wrong Candice Bergen in her seat.

“I’ve seen her show,” said the real Candice Bergen, “and I think she’d be a much better fit across the aisle.”

Hollywood Candice was initially reluctant, but was eventually convinced to leave after she was told all about southern Manitoba winters.

(photo credit: Peabody Awards/CC)

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