Mennonite Woman Hires CNN to ‘Fact-Check’ Her Husband


Tired of “his constant BS,” local Mennonite woman, Mary Penner, 75, of Anaheim, decided to submit her husband Pete to a CNN Reality Check.

“I just wasn’t sure that what he was telling me was entirely accurate,” said Mrs. Penner. “Does the Bible really say a woman’s place is in the kitchen? Is it really true he can divorce me if I don’t have dinner on the table by 5:30? I’d also like them to check out if he was at ‘Bible Study’ until 2 am last Friday like he claims he was.”

The CNN team, known for fact-checking electoral claims, was delighted at the opportunity to shed some light on Mr. Penner’s dubious claims.

“Our verdict is that 7 out of 10 statements out of that man’s mouth are ‘false’ or ‘mostly false,”‘ said the CNN Reality Check Team. “The only statements he made that could be labled ‘true’ mostly had to do with the current market price of hogs.”

Mrs. Penner was satisfied with the results, though Mr. Penner claimed that CNN was biased against him and hoped that the Fox News fact-checker would give him a better shake.

(Photo credit: by tinou bao/CC)

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