“He’s a 10 but….” (Mennonite Version)

I’ve never been on TikTok. I barely know what it is. But, apparently, the entire purpose is to ask people how they’d rate other people on a scale of 1 to 10, yet. Like, my friend Jeremy is a 10 out of 10 … but he listens primarily to bluegrass. So, then what’s his score, yet? 7? 3? Depends what you feel about bluegrass, I suppose.

So, well, what about us Mannanites? Ever met a young Mannaite man or woman who is so dreamy, a total 10, but you find out they have some fatal flaw? These questions should really help out with the dating and TikToking and all that. Let’s try them out once yet.

What are your deal breakers?

  • She’s a 10 … but is in the Reimer Book.
  • He’s a 10 … but isn’t baptized upon confession of his faith.
  • She’s a 10 … but can only cook fried bologna.
  • He’s a 10 … but has never even been to the Mennonite Heritage Village.
  • She’s a 10 … but her last boyfriend was a Catholic.
  • He’s a 10 … but has held hymnals with 7 other girls.
  • She’s a 10 … but cheers for the Roughriders.
  • He’s a 10 … but the only Plautdietsch words he knows are names of food and swear words.
  • She’s a 10 … but her father is minister of a really old school fundamentalist church.
  • He’s a 10 … but lives in the city.
  • She’s a 10 … but has never even seen Hazel’s People.
  • He’s a 10 … but prefers Uno to Dutch Blitz.
  • She’s a 10 … but has calloused hands from years of cow milking.
  • He’s a 10 … but has calloused hands from years of who knows what yet.
  • She’s a 10 … but votes NDP.
  • He’s a 10 … but can’t grow a good proper beard.
  • She’s a 10 … but routinely destroys you in games of kjnipsbrat.
  • He’s a 10 … but is fully vaccinated.
  • She’s a 10 … but pays retail.
  • He’s a 10 … but he ISN’T in the Reimer Book.
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