Mennonite Man Calls Mother-in-Law “Hey You” to Avoid Calling Her “Mom”


For more than fifteen years, area man Steve Plett, 37, has awkwardly navigated the strange terrain of just what the heck to call his mother-in-law.

“When Jess and I got married, my mother-in-law insisted that I call her Mom,” said Plett. “Well, thanks, Helen, but you know that was never going to happen.”

Calling her Helen or even Mrs. Dueck was also not an acceptable option so, instead, Plett has managed to just make eye contact and say “hey you” whenever he needs to get her attention.

“It’s not the best system, but it works,” said Plett. “She’s not my mom … so I’m not sure why there ever was the expectation that I should call her that.”

Plett says he always positions himself directly across from his mother-in-law at the dining room table, so as to avoid ever having to get her attention through the use of any sort of nomenclature.

“I recommend this method to everyone,” said Dueck. “It took some getting used to at first, but after fifteen years I think she’s warmed up to the fact she’s the only person on this planet who I never refer to by name.”

To even things out a bit, Mrs. Dueck has taken to calling out “Hey, Jackass!” whenever she needs her son-in-law’s attention.

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