Vote Now! Dutch Blitz vs. Crokinole!

What will you be playing this Christmas?

We’ve settled many Mennonite controversies around here. Jantsied vs. Ditsied, hymns vs. off-the-wall singing. Heck, we’ve even definitely solved the whole dunker vs. pourer controversy. But there is one eternal Mennonite controversy that still remains. What is the ultimate, definitive Mennonite game? Crokinole or Dutch Blitz?

On the one hand, Dutch Blitz was invented by Anabaptists as an alternative to sinful card games – that’s sounds pretty Menno. And it’s got the word “Dutch” in the name. On the other hand, it can get pretty violent. And what about Crokinole? Although its origins have a little less Mennonite cred, it certainly became popular with Mennos and even has various Plautdietsch names (“knipsbrat” or “knipsdesh”). And it’s a lot less violent than Dutch Blitz, unless cousin Corny gets a little too aggressive and sends a knipser into your eye.

So, what is your preferred Menno game? Dutch Blitz or Crokinole?

Which game do you prefer?
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