Mennonite Grandma’s Vintage CorningWare Worth Millions and Millions of Dollars


A set of casserole dishes that Mrs. Brubaker, 76, got as a wedding gift in 1964 has sold for a record $8.5 million dollars at a local thrift store this week.

“I think they knew what they had when I donated them,” said Mrs. Brubaker. “That’s why the price was so high. But when you’ve got a couple pieces of P-series with the glass lids and everyhing, well that’s a goldmine.”

Brubaker was happy to donate the items to charity, knowing that the money would go to a good cause.

“They didn’t even scrape off the residue from the shepherd’s pie,” said Brubaker. “I think they said that adds to the value.”

The record-setting sale has Mennonite grandmas across the region looking through the cupboards to see if they, too, have that same set of CorningWare with the blue flowers.

“We all want to be millionaires,” said Mrs. Eby, “and if selling off this prized wedding gift will do it, then so be it.”

The local thrift store is hoping to auction off a whole heck of a lot of 1970s wedding gifts in the next few months while the young hipster are still ignorant enough to pay ridiculous prices for them.

(photo credit: goblinbox/CC)

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