Goshen College to Open New ‘Bad Library’ Right Next to the Good Library


A new addition is in the works on the picturesque campus of Goshen College – the highly anticipated Bad Library.

“You know for years we’ve had the Good Library, but there was no place on campus to get a truly trashy read,” said librarian Abby Nafziger. “It’s a judgement call, of course, but Erin, Matilda and I are personally going to read each and every book and decide which library they belong in.”

The entire collection of books will be gathered from whatever the librarians can scrounge up at the local MCC thrift store.

“Hey, for 15 dollars and some can change, we can fill a whole Bad Library with thrift store books,” explained Nafziger, who promises more variety than just bonnet rippers.

Students are already lining up to get library cards for the new Bad Library.

“I’m really eager to see all the books that didn’t make the cut at the Good Library,” said Goshen College student Samantha Wenger-Weaver-Whitmer. “The best thing about this new Bad Library is there are no late fees. Apparently we’re just supposed to toss the books out when we’re done.”

At press time, Goshen College librarians had still not yet decided which library will feature the literary works of Daily Bonnet author Andrew Unger.

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