Mennonite Woman Amasses World’s Largest Collection of Beverly Lewis Books


Mrs. Beiler, 68, of Lancaster has been a diehard Beverly Lewis aficionado for the past twenty years and during that time has amassed a collection of more than ten-thousand soft cover Amish romance books.

“I just can’t help myself,” said Mrs. Beiler. “Whenever I see a copy of The Longing or the Shunning I just have to snatch it up!”

Mrs. Beiler’s collection is so huge that her husband John doesn’t have any room to sit and smoke his pipe anymore.

“He shouldn’t be doing that anyway,” said Mrs. Beiler with a sigh. “If only my John was more like the handsome and pure young Amish men in those Beverly Lewis books.”

Mrs. Beiler’s adult children, however, are a little concerned.

“She’s a Beverly Lewis hoarder,” said daughter Anne. “She won’t admit it, but I think she’s got a problem.”

Mrs. Beiler reportedly buys the books by the box full at used book sales, and won’t stop until she’s completely filled her storage locker out on the 272.

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