Gen Xer Super Proud of Himself After Managing to Stand for Entire Concert


Area man Aaron Berg, 44, has been awarded the Medal of Valour after managing to stand the entire length of the Tom Morello concert last night.

“I haven’t done this since the 90s,” said Berg. “Ugh, my back is killing me, but at least I got to hear ‘Guerrilla Radio.’”

In recent years, Berg has started to buy seats at concerts when he can and has even taken to using earplugs.

“Gen Xers are the new Boomers,” said Berg. “Heck, I’m just glad my favourite bands aren’t yet playing casinos.”

Hundreds of Gen Xers could be heard complaining about their sore feet, backs, and necks as they exited the Tom Morello concert, while Morello himself raised his fist in the air in solidarity.

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