Mennonite Woman to Play Evie’s ‘Come On, Ring Those Bells’ All Day Today


Mrs. Bergmann of Blumenort plans to play Evie’s ‘Come On, Ring Those Bells’ non-stop for the next 48 to 76 hours.

“I’ve still got the LP I bought when I was in high school,” said Mrs. Bergmann, now in her late 50s. “It’s just not Christmas until I hear Evie.”

For a period of time during the 1980s, Bergmann’s young children actually thought that Evie was pronounced “Eve-y.”

“I never corrected them,” said Bergmann. “That album is a Christmas Eve tradition around here.”

Bergmann confesses to having flirted with playing Boney M for a while in the 90s, but has gotten back on the Evie bandwagon.

“Everybody likes to take a holiday,” says Bergmann. “Everybody likes to take a rest. Spending time together with the family. Sharing lots of love and happiness.”

Bergmann’s children, now adults, are considering having a “talk” with their mother very soon since it seems all she’s capable of doing these days is quoting Evie lyrics.

(photo credit: YouTube/Evie Tornquist)

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