Florida Hires Expert to Help with Election Recount


Seemingly unable to ever get through an election without some sort of foul up, the State of Florida has hired the purple counting guy from Sesame Street to help with the recount.

“We’ve gotta get this right,” said Tallahassee resident Michael McNichols. “Counting is not one of our strong points in this state.”

The Count from Sesame Street will be taking over the recount starting tomorrow and has also been hired to restructure the state education system.

“We’ve got numeracy issues,” said McNichols. “If watching a few episodes of Sesame Street can help, then I’m all for it.”

Floridians are starting to wonder whether they’ll ever get through an election without some sort of numbering controversy.

“We spend too much time in the sun,” said McNichols. “It has a real adverse affect on our ability to retain any information beyond two digits.”

The state has reportedly also hired Cookie Monster to help teach residents about health and nutrition.

(photo credit: Barry Stock/CC)

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