Cousin Ernie Snags the ‘Obraumtje’ Yet Again


Cousin Ernie just always gets in there like a dirty shirt and snatches the obraumtje before anyone else even has a chance at it.

“I think this is why he never plays kjnipsbrat,” said cousin Darryl. “That way he can keep his eye on the Arbus and as soon as they start to cut, he grabs the Obraumtje before any of us even notice it’s missing!”

Cousin Ernie ran off with the Obraumtje and wolfed it down back behind the barn. He returned moments later with a grin from ear to ear.

“I knew something was up,” said cousin Darryl. “When a Mennonite man returns from behind the barn with a smile like that it can only mean one of two things, either he got the Obraumtje…or I’m going to be an uncle again.”

After a thorough investigation, there was not enough evidence to convict cousin Ernie of stealing the Obraumtje.

“That’s the thing with the Obraumtje. When you’re finished with it, there’s not a trace left behind!” said cousin Darryl. “Diewel, that Ernie is a sneaky one!”

A second watermelon was cut about fifteen minutes later and yet again the Obraumtje went missing.

“I think maybe he’s bribing Taunte Lina or something,” said cousin Darryl. “Once, just once in my life I’d like to try a piece of that sweet juicy Obraumtje. It seems like it will never happen.”

Cousin Darryl was down in the dumps for the rest of the afternoon until Oncle Pieta felt sorry for him and let him have first dibs on the cheese curds.

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