Mennonite Church Introduces New See-Through Coffee


In an effort to increase “transparency” within the church community, the North Rosenort Mennonite Church will now be serving its innovative new see-through coffee.

“Jauma, I can see all the way to the bottom of the cup,” noted Mrs. Klassen. “Oba, well I guess that’s nothing that three creamers and half a dozen sugar cubes can’t solve.”

On coffee duty this week were the Thiessens who already have a reputation for making super weak coffee.

“But this week we stepped it up a notch,” said Mrs. Thiessen. “I’m certain the church treasurer will be very pleased with the results.”

Church treasurer Abe Kliewer says he appreciates the efforts to consider the annual budget, but even he finds the new see-through coffee a bit difficult to swallow.

“And the children don’t like the Thiessens’ extra-watery iced tea either,” said Kliewer. “You know sometimes I think us Mennonites take things a bit too far.”

Kliewer’s “liberal” attitude towards the Sunday morning coffee issue has already earned him an disciplinary hearing with the elder board scheduled for this Tuesday afternoon. Coffee and faspa to follow.

Meanwhile the Southside Mennonite church says all of this is nothing new as they’ve been serving see-through coffee for years.

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