Reluctant Mennonite Man Dances to ‘Cotton Eye Joe’


Guillermo Plett had never danced in his life and he wasn’t about to break his vow of dancing abstinence just because the Reimer cousins were getting married. However, three hours and a dozen Bud Lights into the wedding reception, Aggie Reimer managed to drag Guillermo onto the dance floor for ‘Cotton Eye Joe.’

“Come on, Guillermo. Come on! It’s your favourite song!” exclaimed Aggie. “I’ll even let you put your hand on my hip if you come up here!”

Guillermo couldn’t resist the sound of the fiddle or the chance to get so close to Aggie.

“She had on such a schmuck dress yet. It was a pattern I’d never seen before once,” explained Guillermo. “Where did it come from? Where did it go? I wish she’d worn that flower dress a long time ago.”

Meanwhile, Guillermo’s cousin Kjnels was still sitting at the table refusing to get up and dance.

“I think he was just mad because Aggie picked me over him,” said Guillermo. “Or maybe he hadn’t had enough Bud Lights yet.”

Seeing the enthusiastic response from the crowd, the DJ, a Mr. Peter Wall who had flown in all the way from Cuauhtemoc, played nothing but ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ for the rest of the night.

(photo credit: holycalamity/CC)

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