Daily Bonnet Risks Alienating Legions of Devoted Followers in Quebec by Saying “Go Jets Go!”


The editorial team at the Daily Bonnet wrote their most bold and provocative message ever today after breaking journalist neutrality and declaring their allegiance with the Winnipeg Jets.

“It was something that had to be said,” said Daily Bonnet author Andrew Unger. “I couldn’t keep quiet about this important matter any longer, and if I lose some fans over this, so be it.”

Unger considers divisive and contentious articles like this to be a sort of “thinning of the herd” and doesn’t fear alienating his massive following in Quebec.

“I know that there are upwards of six, perhaps even seven, Daily Bonnet readers in Quebec,” said Unger. “I hope they keep reading, but I’m sorry, I just can’t stay neutral at a time like this.”

Unger was quick to praise Quebec for its beautiful scenery, culture, and cuisine, although he did add that he had no doubt the “Jets will total destroy the Canadiens. 5 games! Max!”

“I know it’s a risky move to take a position like this,” said Unger. “But sometimes satire just has to tell it like it is.”

In addition to losing three or maybe even four fans in Quebec, the Daily Bonnet also saw a drop-off of annoying Canadiens fans in other provinces who claim they’ve cheered for the Habs since they were children and can’t help but make their presence known.

(photo credit: Ken Lund/CC)

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