2016 Mennonite Christmas Shopping Guide – Ten Thousand Villages vs. Wal-Mart

With the Christmas season fast approaching, Mennonites around the globe are faced with a quite the quandary about where to spend their holiday dollars (or guaraní). On the one hand, Mennonites are more-or-less obliged to get the cheapest deal. On the other hand, treating people fairly is a basic Christian principle. So what is a Mennonite to do? Seek out awesome deals at Wal-Mart on products made in sweatshops, or pay a bit more and support fair trade at Ten Thousand Villages?

Increasing numbers of Mennonites seem to be choosing to shop at MCC-run Ten Thousand Villages. In reaction, some Mennonite Wal-Mart fans have petitioned the company to adopt a new slogan that’s more appealing to Mennonites. Which slogan do you think is most likely to lure Mennos back over to the dark side?

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(photo credit:Saforrest, CC BY-SA 3.0)

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