Mennonite Hockey Fan Really Excited the Jats and K’Nacks are in Farst Place


Midway through the season the Vancouver K’Nacks and Vanapag Jats are at the top of their respective divisions. Local hockey fan Garth Unrau is very excited about this once yet.

“K’nacks and Jats in farst? Waut de kuckuck is going on here?” said Unrau. “It must have been the prayer we had on Sunday in charch yet.”

Aver since moving to Abbotsford from Vankla fives years ago, Unrau has shared his allegiances with the Vanapag and Vancouver squads.

“I never thought they’d been in farst at the same time,” said Unrau. “I just hope they can stay in farst until the end of the season.”

It’s not easy to get to farst and stay there, however and Unrau says it’s going to be an exciting fanash to the season.

“There’s no better feeling than a nice long time in farst,” said Unrau.

Unrau’s wife Helen, however, has had quite enough of all this talk of farsts and think Garth could lay off the beans a little.

(photo credit: mark6mauno/CC)

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