Oilers Hope to Turn Things Around Back Home in Emitin


After going down 2 games to none, the Emitin Oilers are hoping they can get back on the right track when they return home to Emitin later this week.

“Emitin is a storied franchise with a lot of success right here in Emitin,” said Emitin fan Larry Goertzen of Emitin. “I know us Emitin fans will rally around the team and give them the support they need to bring home the cup to Emitin.”

Even though Emitin will have to come from behind, they’re still in a better spot than CAL-gary, Vanapag, or Trawna.

“Trawna’s been tryna do the same thing as Emitin for years,” said Goertzen. “Just imagine tryna win a cup in Trawna.”

The Oilers are going to give a good old fashioned Emitin Try, but they’re not sure whether that will be enough.

“Emin tryna winna cup for years and none of us Canucks can get it done,” said Goertzen. “Not even the Canucks.”

Emitin will face Florda in game three this Thursday in downtown Emitin.

(photo credit: by IQRemix/CC)

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