Area Man to Play Just One More Game of Tetris


Local man Earl Bergmann, 47, of Omaha has been playing “just one more game of Tetris” since he got that Nintendo Entertainment System during Christmas 1989.

“Just one more game, Mom, just one more game,” said Earl, whose aging mother is sick and tired of putting up a fight. “I think I can make it to level 9 this time!”

Young Earl, who is still called that by his mother despite the fact he’s well into his 50s by now, has been playing one more game of Tetris for more than 30 years and is still mediocre at best.

“He’s foregone marriage, children, and a career all because of the infernal Tetris,” said Mrs. Bergmann. “He started out when he was a wee teen and now he’s middle-aged and I don’t think I’ll ever have grand-children.”

Earl plans to play just one more game and then he’ll do what his Mom says and go out and look for a job for once.

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