Area Man Still Can’t Get that Pink Pie


Dwight Braun, 63, of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario has been one pink pie away from winning this game of Trivial Pursuit that he started in 1981.

“Those entertainment questions are absolutely killer,” said Braun. “I can tell you who played first base for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1967. I can tell you the name of Gerald Ford’s Vice President. I can even tell you the capital of Finland. But don’t ever ask me obscure television show trivia from the 50s.”

The game started pleasantly enough at the Braun Christmas gathering in 1981, and has continued for the past forty years without a single person answering an Entertainment question correctly.

“I mean. We’re Mennonites. We didn’t have a TV set until the mid-90s,” explained Braun, “but even for an Englisher I think these questions would be tough. I mean, can you tell me ‘what 1966 boob tube bomb took astronauts back to prehistoric times’?”

After looking at the back of the card, Braun discovered the answer was something called It’s About Time.

“That’s how I feel about this game by now,” said Braun, who’s witnessed the conception and birth of five children and fifteen grandchildren since the game started. “But I’m sticking it out to the end. I’ve gotta get a pink pie someday!”

Braun has been in the MB church basement playing Trivial Pursuit since the 80s and even though his fellow competitors have passed away over the years, he plans to remain in the MB church basement until he finally gets a pink pie and then rolls himself into the middle and answers yet another Entertainment question correctly.

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