The Apocalypse is Officially the ‘Least Favourite Holiday’ on the Church Calendar


A new study out of Northern Mennonite University reveals that of all the holidays and events on the Christian calendar, the Apocalypse is officially the least favourite among church-goers.

“Most people like Christmas and Easter. A lot of folks even said they enjoyed a good Transfiguration Day service every now and again,” explained theology professor Dawson Yoder. “However, the Apocalypse is highly unpopular for some reason.”

Yoder suggested the unfavourable score given to the Apocalypse might have something to do with the common perception that the day involves a lot of death and destruction.

“There’s just something about the Mark of the Beast, and the Four Horsemen and all that, that leaves a sour taste in people’s mouths,” said Yoder. “Personally, I really don’t get it, but to each his own I guess. What the Apocalypse really needs is some rebranding to boost its image with the church-going public.”

Although the exact date of the Apocalypse is up for debate, Yoder surmises it may happen at some point during the Trump Administration.

(photo credit: by Waiting For The Word/CC)

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