Abbotsford Family Subsists All Summer on Blackberries Picked By the Side of the Road


The Neufelds of Abbotsford have been eating nothing but wild blackberries from the side of the road this entire summer and Earl is getting a little cranky at the lack of variety.

“Ugh, it’s roadberries day in and day out,” said Earl Neufeld, downing a handful of the freshly-picked treats. “I just wish Anne would provide some variety, you know, like blueberries or something.”

In her defence, Anne Neufeld said all her friends from the MB church have already scouted out all the good berry picking spots Albert Dyck Park or Clearbrook Park.

“They’ve left me with nothing but whatever I can scrounge up next to the railroad track,” explained Neufeld. “But, you know, I doubt my Earl can tell the difference.”

The Abbotsford 3rd MB Church will be hosting a delicious blackberry pie fundraiser this Sunday.

“The best thing about this fundraisers is the profit margin is nearly 100%,” said Neufeld. “At this pace, we’ll get that new gymnasium in no time!”

Neufeld says her pies have “that special tang” that only car exhaust and dog urine can provide.

(photo credit: Gene Bisbee/CC)

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