“I don’t not love Winkler,” says Michael B. Jordan


In a rarely-seen clip that was cut from the TV broadcast, Hollywood superstar Michael B. Jordan claimed he doesn’t “not love Winkler,” this according to Mr. Plett who’s been telling everyone about at the local Tim Hortons.

“After all these years yet, Vankla has finally made it onto the Jimmy Kimmel,” said Mr. Plett, dunking a donut and whispering to Mr. Klassen. “Not that I watch the TV or movies …”

According to Plett, none other than Adonis Creed himself has been praising Winkler as the most spectacular city in the world.

“He says he for sure doesn’t not love us once yet,” said Plett. “And that’s just the same as what my wife tells me every night before bed.”

Reports indicate Winkler will be adopting the Michael B. Jordan quote as the new city slogan.

“It’s catchy. I think it applies quite well,” said Plett. “Truly these are the kindest words ever said about Winkler. We sure couldn’t get a Mordener to say something like that, that’s for sure.”

Winkler is apparently in talks with the City of Winnipeg for who owns the rights to market their community as not being actively disliked by Michael B. Jordan.

(photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC)

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