Winkler Hires Taunte Nettie as City’s First Female Cop


In a press conference this morning, Winkler mayor Milton Heinrichs announced the hiring of the city’s first female police officer. After searching for more than 12 years for a suitable candidate, the committee settled on Taunte Nettie Wiebe, 83, originally of Plum Coulee.

“We looked long and hard, but it’s not that easy to find a candidate…that the townsfolk will accept,” said Heinrichs. “But over the past 60 years of teaching Sunday School at the local MB Church, Taunte Nettie has developed a reputation in the area as a strict disciplinarian.”

Heinrichs claims the hiring of Taunte Nettie brings needed diversity to Winkler law enforcement.

“Our current police force is pretty homogenous, with not a single officer over the age of 70,” said Heinrichs, “that is, until now.”

Taunte Nettie will undergo police training this summer, but plans to implement a number of her own policing strategies.

“There’s a lot you can do with a flannelgraph board and a wooden spoon,” said Nettie. “I’m going to clean up this town, just like I’ve been cleaning up the mouths of MB children for decades.”

The hiring of Taunte Nettie was praised by community members who felt Winkler was no longer the quiet little Mennonite community it once was.

“With Taunte Nettie walking the beat,” said one local, “I can finally feel safe on the streets of Winkler once again.”

(photo credit: Claire/CC)

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