Mennonite Lady Totally Wastes Her Allotted Fifteen Minutes of Internet Time


This past Tuesday, local Mennonite woman, Alice Braun, completely wasted her daily allotment of Internet time by looking up chicken salad recipes.

“I generously allow her a full quarter of an hour to browse the web to her heart’s content and this is what she does with it?” said an angry George Braun. “I would at least think she’d be looking up some platz recipes or something.”

Alice claims she got so caught up in the chicken salad recipes that she just completely lost track of time.

“I didn’t even get a chance to respond to that email from my grandson,” said Mrs. Braun. “Oh, well, there’s always 2:15-2:30 pm tomorrow.”

Mr. Braun has also reportedly shut down Alice’s Facebook page and replaced it with a joint GeorgeAlice Braun profile.

“That way she can double her online efficiency,” said Mr. Braun. “With this new shared Facebook profile, I might even be able to cut back her daily time to 7 and a half minutes.”

The couple dined on chicken salad sandwiches for the entire next week.

(photo credit: by San José Library )

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