Winkler Vegans Make Exception for Farmer Sausage


The Pembina Vegan and Vegetarian Appreciation Society met last week and, after a heated discussion, voted overwhelmingly to allow for the consumption of one meat product and one meat product alone: farmer sausage.

“We’ve got a few octo-lovo vegetarians and even a pescatarian, but I think the sentiment that reflects  most of us here in the Pembina Valley is that of the foarmaworschatarian,” said Emily Dueck. “I’m all for eating vegetables whenever possible, but we all agreed that farmer sausage is just too hard to give up.”

Formaworschtatairans commit themselves to eating nothing but vegetables except on Sunday afternoon at Oma’s.

“Then we get to gorge on all the formaworscht we want,” said Dueck. “You don’t want to offend Oma, after all.”

Some have called the group’s position a wee bit hypocritical, but Dueck said that’s all just part of her Mennonite upbringing.

“There’s an old Mennonite adage: A rule is only a rule so long as you feel like following it,” said Dueck. “Oh, and you’re only breaking a rule if you get caught.”

Meanwhile a vegetarian group in neighbouring Morden has vowed to eat nothing but vegetables with the exception of a delicious three-piece meal from Chicken Chef.

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