Trump Declares World Peace After Discovering Pho


Donald Trump and Kim Jun-un have declared “world peace” after devouring a delicious bowl of Vietnamese pho in Hanoi this afternoon.

“Dang, I’ve never tasted anything so delicious in my life,” said Trump, fumbling with the chop sticks. “What’s this stuff called? Foe?”

The server politely corrected Trump on the pronunciation, before offering the president another bowl.

“I ain’t never going back to Lipton noodle soup again,” said Trump. “This stuff in mind-blowing!”

The soup got Kim and Trump in such good moods that both countries vowed to immediately dismantle their nuclear programs.

“Why wage war when you can spend your days eating pho,” wondered Trump. “Heck, I’m pretty sure if we can get the Brits to try this stuff, they might even rejoin the EU.”

Trump and Kim both finished three hole bowls of pho and an order of spring rolls.

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