Winkler Politician Demands $5 Billion Wall Around Morden


Church board member and man-about-town Mr. Toews of Winkler is threatening to shut down the local government unless the local senate approves a $5.7 billon wall around the neighbouring town of Morden.

“You should see the traffic on Highway 3 during rush hour! It’s just an endless stream of Mordeners coming into town looking for work,” said Mr. Toews. “This wall will keep the undesirables out!”

Toews believes only a wall will truly solve the problem.

“It’s time we walled them up!” said Toews. “Mordeners flood into Winkler every day on their Harley Davidsons and then they take all that money and bring it back home to their families in Morden!”

It’s not known whether the wall will be on the east or west side of that new hospital that the two communities share. Nor is it known how it will affect the local Chicken Chef businesses.

“We need this wall desperately,” said Toews. “My only concern is that we design it in such a way that our access to Chicken Chef is not impeded.”

Toews said an added benefit of the wall is that it will prevent all the Winklerites from flooding into Morden on the weekends to have a good time.

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