Three Hours Later, Mennonite Man Still Working on that Piece of Chokecherry Pie


Late last night Mennonite man, Samuel Fehr, 35,  was spotted at a Rosetown picnic shelter working his way through a piece of Oma’s chokecherry pie. Authorities intevened when Fehr was still there after 1 AM.

“But I’m not finished my pie,” complained Fehr as he was scooted away by local police. “It’s not my fault I have to pick out all the pits.”

Fehr was excited when he saw Grandma had made a pie, but was crestfallen when he heard it was chokecherry.

“I knew it was going to be a long night,” explained Fehr. “The last time I had chokecherry pie it look more than two full days to finish.”

Fehr claims chokecherry pie is “absolutely delicious, but a real pain in the ass,” and likens it to the process of picking bones from Grandpa’s Fehr’s freshly-caught pickerel.

“There’s just no way around it,” says Fehr. “Once you start on a chokecherry pie, you’re in for the long haul.”

The current record holder is Peter Wiebe of Altona who finished a standard piece of chokecherry pie is five hours and twenty-one minutes, a record that has stood since 1981.

(photo credit: Daniel M. Hendricks/CC)

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