Tourists Flock to Steinbach’s Newest Attraction: The Famous Main and Brandt Potholes


Millions of tourists have gathered in Steinbach, Manitoba this week to stand in awe at the massive Main and Brandt potholes that have sprung up this spring.

“They’re truly a wonder to behold,” said Lois Kehler, who drove all the way from Arizona with her husband and three kids just to see the Main and Brandt Potholes. “I’ve taken so many pictures of cars darting and dodging the potholes. I could spend hours just mesmerized by the sheer size of these things.”

Kehler’s children, Jennifer and Tommy, said this was their favourite Spring Break trip ever.

“Last year we went to Mount Rushmore and the year before that we went to Old Faithful,” said little Jennifer. “But the most amazing thing we’ve ever seen is these massive potholes in Steinbach.”

Still, not everyone was impressed.

“You know, I’m a little disappointed,” said Pete Toews of Winkler. “You drive all the way out here and, in the end, it’s just a really really big hole. There’s not much for folks to do, unless you want to climb down into it and go kayaking and all that.”

The City of Steinbach plans to start charging admission to see the potholes, though even at $30 a car, it will take several years before they raise enough funds to fill them.

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