Supply Chain Crisis Now Threatening Papsi and Ravels


The supply chain crisis is now causing a considerable backlog in the Papsi and Ravel supply, such that residents of the small Mennonite town of Kleefeld have resorted to eating dilly bars with a Coke.

“We ate up our whole supply of Papsi and Ravels last summer,” said Mrs. Bergen. “On some of those hot summer days, my Darryl would down ten, maybe twenty cans, not to mention all the Ravels.”

Unfortunately recent supply chain issues has meant Kleefeld has been completely Papsi-less ever since.

“We’ve tried to make do, but I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to hold out,” said Mrs. Bergen. “I even tried pouring Coke in a Papsi bottle, but my Darryl’s too smart for that. He has a sixth sense for Papsi.”

If the supply chain issue is not resolved soon, the Bergens plan to cancel the Christmas gathering altogether and just sit at home and drink delicious Kleefeld tap water.

(photo credit: Jeff/CC)

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