Steinbach Woman Calls Police About Long Line at Krispy Kreme


Area woman Mrs. Hiebert, 81, of Steinbach called in a police report this morning after she noticed a long time of vehicles stretching all the way from the new Kripsy Kreme in Winnipeg, down the number 1, then the 12, then crossing by her apartment building on Loewen Boulevard.

“Oba, nay, waut de schissjat is going on here?” wondered Hiebert while she dialed. “Why line up for donuts when you’ve go perfectly good roll kuchen at home?”

Hiebert was shocked at the length of the line, which was even longer than the world’s longest farmer sausage she reported to police last year.

“Na, junges. They’ve got to do something about this traffic,” said Hiebert. “I just hope this is all cleared up before Tuesday morning when the MCC opens.”

Hiebert says she doesn’t know what all the fuss is about this new Krispy Kreme, since she’s been eating donuts from a cigarette-filled Robins donuts for decades now and can’t imagine anything better.

(photo credit: Jeff M for Short/CC)

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