Stage Fright Strikes Local Pastor Moments Before Altar Call


Beloved local pastor Kevin Wall was nearing the end of his sermon and was about to ask the organist to play ‘Just as I Am’ when he was suddenly struck with a severe bout of stage fright.

“I was all ready to go with the altar call,” said Rev. Wall, “but then I looked out into the crowd and it hit me – here I am standing in front of hundreds of people and there’s that woman I had a crush on back in Bible school, and there’s Tante Lina, she’ll surely have some criticism after the service, and there’s Elder Friesen and….”

Witnesses say Reverend Wall stumbled his words, froze for a moment, and then glared awkwardly into the sea of Mennonite parishioners.

“They always told us in Bible school that if anything like this happens, you should picture your audience naked,” explained Wall, “so I looked at Mrs. Agatha Penner there in the back row and….”

At this point Reverend Wall collapsed on the stage and Elder Friesen rushed to his aid.

“He’s recovering in the hospital,” said Elder Friesen. “I guess he learned his lesson the hard way. If you ever have stage fright at East Saskatoon Mennonite church don’t ever picture Mrs. Penner without her clothes on.”

(photo credit: Jake Guild/CC)

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