Steinbach Man Confuses MMA for Some Sort of Mennonite Service Organization


Area man Pete Redekop, 76, was curious to check out this brand new Mennonite service organization he just heard about called the MMA.

“I tink they’ve got the MMA coming to the Smitty’s over there once,” said Redekop. “Might as well go shack it out yet.”

When Redekop got to the meeting, he quickly discovered that this MMA was unlike any Mennonite organization he had ever encountered before.

“What kind of Mennonite Members Association is this yet?” wondered Redekop. “Wrestling and punching and men with hardly any clothes on. Na, oba! Plus, Edwards and Covington don’t sound very Mannanite to me!”

It didn’t take him long, however, and Redekop started to get into it.

“I haven’t seen this much bloodshed since the EM Cup in 2003!” said Redekop. “I think the MMA is a Mennonite organization that a guy like me could really get into.”

Redekop says he almost considered joining the MMA, but got cold feet when he heard about something called the UFC.

“I’m an opened-minded man,” said Redekop, “but I’m certainly not joining the United Church!”

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