7 Mennonite Sisters Marry 7 Mennonite Brothers in Epic Septuple Wedding


Brothers Jeff, Peter, Steve, Colin, John, Abe, and Patrick Brandt married sisters Rose, Mary Ann, Sally, Susan, Nettie, Aileen and Ruth Janzen in Rosetown’s largest ever wedding this past week.

“There’s just something about those Janzen girls that us Brandt boys can’t resist,” said Jeff Brandt. “It all started when my brother Peter spotted Susan Janzen during a circle game at the church picnic this summer. After that, we all wanted to get in on that Janzen action.”

Within six months, the Brandt boys and Janzen girls were all paired up, though there was some struggle to convince the youngest couple to join in on the festivities.

“For a while there young Patrick had his eye on that Klippenstein girl, but I would have none of it,” said Jeff. “If the rest of us Brandts are marrying a Janzen, then Patrick would have to fall in line.”

The wedding drew more than 2000 Brandts and Janzens to the Rosetown Mennonite Church, a number so large that the reception had to be held at Corner Brandt’s barn.

“After the reception there were numerous engagements,” said Corner Brandt. “So, we’re looking forward to another Brandt-Janzen mass wedding event sometime in spring.”

The youngest Brandt boys are already being pressured by their relatives to find a Janzen girl pronto or else have to settle for a Kehler.

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