Opa Krahn is Patiently Waiting in the Wings


Opa Krahn has been patiently sitting in the Krahn living room for the past few weeks, just waiting for the opportunity to come into the kitchen and surprise everyone with his presence.

“Mother’s had the attention for a while now, but I’m ready to show the world what I can do too,” said Opa Krahn. “I bet some of the Krahns don’t even know I’m here.”

Opa Krahn claims he can has a whole host of skills that have thus far gone unnoticed.

“Mother’s really good at dishing out a casserole to everyone at the table and making sure everyone leaves the place stuffed,” explained Opa Krahn, “but I have some talents too. I mean, you should see me hold everyone in rapt attention while I insert a little ten to fifteen minute-long sermon into the dinner prayer.”

Despite his eagerness to get in on the action, Opa Krahn has yet to make an appearance.

“I’ve been just having a nice meddachschlop over here,” said Opa Krahn. “The kids are outside, the tauntes are in the kitchen, and the men are in the basement checking out the situation with the water softener. Meanwhile, I’m just lying here unnoticed … for now!”

While Opa might thing he’s gone undetected, members of the Krahn family have stated the new Opa was in the living room five minutes into his afternoon nap with Nettie had to run over and close the door because his snoring was so loud.

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