Mennonite Man Can’t Decide Whether Politician He Hates is a Nazi or a Commie


Local man Mr. Fehr is struggling to decided whether a politician he hates is a Nazi or a Communist.

“There aren’t any other options,” said Mr. Fehr. “If I disagree with that man in any way he’s gotta be a commie or a Nazi.”

Mr. Fehr is apparently unaware that Fascism and Marxism are diametrically opposed ideologies, but that doesn’t stop him from applying these labels seemingly at random.

“I’m a political expert, as you can tell by my interchangeable use of the terms Nazi and Communist,” said Fehr. “I mean, as far as I can tell, that politician I don’t like because he plans to balance the budget in 12 years instead of 10 has got to be one or other of the two. Probably both.”

Fehr is planning on writing a political science textbook, which will include definitions of a variety of political ideologies such as nazis; “bad guys I don’t like”; communism: “bad guys I don’t like”; liberals; “bad guys I don’t like”; socialists; “bad guys I don’t like”; conservatives; “bad guys I don’t like”; anarchist; “bad guys I don’t like”; libertarians; “bad guys I don’t like” and so on it. Upon publication it will be the most sophisticated political science textbook ever published in southern Manitoba.

(photo credit: Zarina Petrova/CC)

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