Mannanite Man Still Searching for the ‘Alf on the Shalf’


“Mannanites” love their Christmas traditions from tutes to plumemoos and everything in between. In recent years, however, the holiday traditions have modernized a little.

“I really look farward to waking ups avery marning and looking for the Alf on the Shalf,” said Kjnels. “So far I haven’t found him yet. I’m not sure what Alf looks like.”

Kjnel’s wife Susie has been moving the alf around every morning before Kjnels wakes up for his jreeveschmaunt on toast, but he’s just not getting it.

“I think he’s thinking of his great-uncle Alf … or maybe he’s looking for that hairy guy from the 80s TV show,” said Susie. “I’m not sure but the Alf on the Shalf is sitting right there on the shalf and he never sees him once.”

Kjnels will continue looking for the alf every morning until he gives up or Susie gets upset and him and plainly tells him in clear language that he can understand that “ats right dere on da shalf yet.”

(photo credit: Hefin Owen/CC)

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