Mennonites Worried Trudeau is Trying to Seize their Buns


Mennonites across southern Manitoba have been greatly distressed over the past few months upon hearing the news that Trudeau is planning to take away their buns.

“Ach! That Trudeau! This is exactly what dictators always do,” said Mr. Panna of Vankla. “First they come for your buns, then the next thing you know they want your zoat and your formavorscht, too!”

Upon close inspection, however, it looks like Trudeau will only be seizing certain baked goods such as paska buns.

“As long as we get to keep our raisin buns, I’m fine with it,” said Mr. Panna. “You don’t want those paska buns falling into the wrong hands.”

The Conservative Party was quick to take credit for the modification in federal bun laws.

“We don’t believe in bun control,” said party leader Pierre Poilievre. “Canadians should be free to walk around with their buns wherever the want.”

The directive was quickly misconstrued, however, as more than a dozen Conservative Canada MPs left their pants at the door when they showed up to the House of Commons this week.

(photo credit: Presidencia de la Republica Mexicana/modified/CC)

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